Become A Certified Florist

Become A Certified Florist

Access The Online Network – Use the username and password sent to you to access all of your online classes and testing by clicking this link.

When a person applies for the Certified Florist Program, that individual is on the way to becoming the best they can be. You will join a select group of professionals who have made a commitment to individual excellence within the floral industry.

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Please forward completed application along with the $50.00 application fee to the WUMFA office to the attention of CF Program.

Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Florist Association

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Steps to Becoming a Certified Florist

Step 1 – Complete and return the CF Application ( $50 registration fee). Click Here to Download a CF Application.

Step 2 – Register online for nine of the twelve courses in the Certified Florist program. ($75 WUMFA member / $100 non-member per online course).

Step 3 –  Register for the three hands-on courses when classes are offered by WUMFA Educational Opportunities. ($100 WUMFA member / $150 non-member per hands-on course).

(NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 can be accomplished concurrently. You do not have to complete the Online Classes before taking the Hands-on Classes)

Step 4 – Once you have successfully completed all twelve courses, you may register for the Certified Florist Final Exam. ($75 WUMFA / $100 non-member testing fee) Individuals who are employed by a WUMFA member shop receive the membership discount.  Information and online password will be sent to you via email. After each test you will be sent your test results via email.

Download Final Exam Registration Form (.pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is certification for me?

Whether you are new to the floral industry, have been a designer, manager or owner for an extended period of time you will be identified as a professional after becoming certified. Most consumers understand that being certified in a particular profession says you are “knowledgeable” and “recognized” in your industry. You will set yourself apart from the competition. The curriculum covers diverse floral topics from design and merchandising to daily business procedures and employee relations.

How long do I have to complete the entire process?

Once you submit your application and get registration confirmation, you have two years to complete the nine online courses and three hands on classes.

How much does each class cost?

Each online cost $75.00 for WUMFA members $100.00 for non-members. The hands on workshops are $100.00 for members and $150.00 for non members. If you work in a shop that is a WUMFA member in good standing you will be charged the member price. Employment verification is a requirement and part of the application process.

How long is each online class?

Each class differs in length due to the amount of information to learn. A timed final exam is given for each online class. The student can take classes and test at their convenience. It is advised that you study one topic at time and then take the corresponding test.

Should I take the classes in any particular order?

No, but if you are beginning your floral career, it is strongly recommended that you take the online courses: Care and Handling of Cut Flowers and Foliage” and “Principles of Design” before taking any of the three hands-on courses. This will maximize your learning process in each of the hands-on courses.

How will I know if I passed each online exam?

Your test results will be sent to you via e-mail.

What does the final exam consist of?

You must register for the final exam. The final Certified Florist examination is a combination of hands-on and written questions based on all nine on-line courses and the three hands-on workshop classes. The written questions include multiple choice, true & false and matching. The hands on portion you will be required to design with flowers and supplies provided to you on the day of the test. Once you are registered to take the final exam, you will receive a list of allowed tools for testing.

When will the final exam be offered?

The Certified Florist Final Exam will be offered annually of each year prior to the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Floral Associations Annual convention in March. The date and location will be announced according to the number of applications received and their proximity to one another.

What if I fail a portion or both the written and hands-on of the examination?

You will be able to re-take portion(s) of the examination you fail for $35.00 ea.

What will I get as a certified florist?

You will receive a certificate proclaiming your achievement to display proudly in the workplace. You will become more valuable to your employer and you will be recognized by industry peers at a ceremony during the annual WUMFA Floral Convention. Also, WUMFA will prepare a press release announcing your accomplishment for you to submit to your local newspaper.

What will I have to do to maintain my certification?

When you pass the final CF examination, it is required that you continue your education process by attending floral industry events. A total of 6 points will be needed each calendar year to maintain your certification. A value point system called Continuing Education Units (CEU) will be provided to you upon completion of certification. You will receive your CF Certification documentation, a CEU tracking form and instructions for using the CF designation after your name. Certified Florist membership cost $85.00 annual.  Your $85.00 annual membership is included the first year you test and pass.

*The CF program is recognized as an AIFD approved pathway program to their PFDE (Professional Floral Designer Evaluation). The CF is also recognized as a National Certification Program by NAFA (National Alliance of Floral Associations).

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