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WUMFA Scholarships Now Available!

Directions for filling out an application:

  1. Read the entire application form thoroughly to best understand the information needed to complete the form.
  2. Complete the online form below.
  3. Be sure to answer all questions accurately.

You will need to submit one letter of recommendation from an acceptable reference along with your application. Examples of acceptable references would be former or current employers, instructors or past teachers, WUMFA members or others in positions of responsibility that can objectively speak to your qualities. (Does not include relatives & close friends).

You will also need to submit a digital photograph taken of you within the last twelve months, which may be used for publicity purposes should you receive a scholarship.

All applications will be retained by WUMFA.

Thank you for your interest in a WUMFA scholarship.

Scholarship description:

The Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Florists Association (WUMFA) Scholarships may be used for any WUMFA Educational workshop, Certified Florist program, or the Annual Convention, excluding the Saturday evening recognition banquet. All scholarships awarded are valid for a 12-month period. Any funds not used in the 12-month time frame will be rolled back into the WUMFA general scholarship fund. The scholarship will be issued in the form of a credit voucher. Applicants are chosen on the basis of their individual motivation toward a floriculture career path.

Eligibility Requirements:

The applicant must be employed and working in the floriculture industry or show proof of enrollment in a course of study directly related to the retail floriculture industry. The applicant must have clearly defined career goal, which relates directly to the industry’s course of study.

Announcement of Award:

You will be notified after the scholarship committee reviews your application. 

All scholarship recipients will be announced at the annual convention during the Saturday evening Awards Banquet and the Sunday Luncheon. The Scholarship Grant will go directly to the WUMFA office in the applicant’s name.

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